Cyrus Tang



Cyrus Tang was born in Shenze, Wujiang in 1930. After years of painstaking efforts, Tang Industries, Inc. eventually ranked 157 in the list of American private enterprises according to Forbes Magazine, and Mr. Tang received the honorific title as Steel Magnate. With his success in career, and for the purpose of dedicating himself to society commitment, Mr. Tang has successively established Cyrus Tang CompassionateHeart Scholarship and Cyrus Tang Scholarship for Personal Development and Community Service in several secondary schools and universities, intending to provide the society by education with the talents of high morality and abundant knowledge. In 2008, Mr. Tang sponsored Xi’an JiaoTong University for the establishment of Chungying college, which has contributed a lot for the education in the university.


Xu Xiaochun



Xu Xiaochun, Executive Director of the Board, Cyrus Tang Foundation. Since July 2008, Ms Xu has undertaken the post of Dean of Chungying college and, under the guidance of Cyrus Tang Foundation’s objectives, instructed the overall construction of the college.







Xu Hui



Title: Deputy Director of the College (Stewardship)

Duty and Responsibility : Assist with the daily work of the College, in charge of the College propaganda, general education, foreign exchange, learning activities, Enrollment


Telephone: 029-82665272

office address: east-21 room 115