• Chungying College Conducted with Security Examination

    On the last day of April, Hui Xu, the Deputy Secretary of Chungying College, Shang Chen, the college teacher, accompanied with Zhu Xiangjun, the faculty of security office, went through every buildings and checked the condition of new-installed electric water heater in the college.
    During the check of the examination, it turned out that there were 57 extinguishers’ pressure meter referring to the yellow area, which indicated that the pressure inside the extinguisher was beyond the normal range, these extinguishers were under the risk of explosion and needed to be updated. Moreover, there were some other potential danger, for instance, the number of extinguishers on every floor was not qualified for the required standard, there were no copies of the key to the fire hydrant in the duty room and the contemporary watch keeper claimed that she hasn’t been told how to find the key to the exit passageway rapidly.
    As far as the above problems are concerned, the college leaders and the security office faculties went for Guilian Xue, staff of Siyuan KFS, who is in charge of the stuffs of Chungying college area in time to ask them to receive new extinguishers for replacing and equip extra extinguishers on every floor of student dormitory. Additionally, they also required the watch keepers to keep the keys to all the emergency passageway in place where they could get them timely in case of emergency.
    Before this, Chungying College has asked the instructors to do deeply examination to all the students dormitories’ safety and asked the students to clear out the tinder in the balcony to avoid the fire accident.
    As the saying goes, “fire and water have no mercy.”. College is where students and teachers live, study and work, and a place whose population density is relatively high, thus it’s pretty important to do fire prevention work well. Through this examination, we rectify the problems exposed in that. As a result, the risk of a fire accident dramatically decreases, which assures life and property safety of students and faculties.
  • Chungying College CPC Lecture: Prof. Wang Talked about the Spirits of Fourth Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee

    On the afternoon of Apr. 26, the 3rd Party Lecture of Chungying College Season 9 started at Center-2 Room 3223, Prof. Baomin Wang, the Deputy Dean of Law School accepted the invitation to give a lecture about the analysis to the spirits of the Fourth Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee.
    Prof. Wang first introduced that the Fourth Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee is on the subject of Ruling the Country by Law, discuss deploying advancing the basic ruling strategy of ruling by law specifically. This is the very first time in the CPC party history. After that, Prof. Wang interpret the deeply spiritual meaning of the Fourth Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee from 4 aspects of the significance of ruling by law, guiding ideology and final goal, mission and important methods, implementation.
    Afterwards, Prof. Wang told the students to understand the significance of deploying ruling by law at the new historical start point by specific instances and theoretical basis that deploying ruling by law is the important choice after profoundly summarizing the successful experience and deep lessons of our nation, the important guarantee of building a well-off society in a all-round way and all-round deepen reform and an important change of the way CPC rule our country, which would contribute to enhancing and improving the leadership of CPC. Then, he advised students to understand the basic thoughts and rules of advancing the ideology of ruling by law in a all-round way. The students present were extremely impressed after figuring out the final goals that building socialist legal system and nation with Chinese characteristics of advancing that strategy.
    Later on, Prof. Wang talked about the tasks and methods of deploying ruling by law roundly: perfecting the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics based on the constitution, enhancing the implementation of constitution, deeply advancing ruling by law, fostering building legal system government, guarantee judicial justice, developing judicial credibility, fostering judicial concept of citizens, advancing the construction of legal system society, strengthening the establishment of staffs of legal construction. Prof. Wang’s specific examples and humorous decoration helped the students know the influence and meaning of ruling by law more clearly. At the end of his lecture, Prof. Wang stressed that all the citizens should carry out ruling by law, enhance and improve the leadership of CPC advancing ruling by law roundly so as to implement the missions raised on the Fourth Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee.
    Eventually, Prof. Wang’s lecture received strong repercussion from the students and they gave Prof. Wang their warm applause to express their appreciation.
  • XJTU 53rd Spots Meeting Was Held Successfully

    On the morning of Apr. 24th, accompanied with the march played by the marching band, Hiensens XJTU 53rd Sports Meeting launched ceremoniously.
    After 2 days’ fierce competition, the meeting came to an end on the afternoon of Apr. 25th. Chungying College was awarded the Morality Prize and finally ranked as the 5th position on the total score sheet.
    Among them, our male athlete won the 6th positon out of all the male teams and female athlete won the 7th position. Besides, Chungying College team of calisthenics to the radio music got 95.90 points in the match and took the fifth position.
    Moreover, Jingwen Fan, a senior student from Environment Engineering School, won a sliver medal in women’s discus throw. Chungying College Rowing Team made the first position in the rowing machine game at the time finishing in 31’06”2
    Facing to the interviewer, the captain of rowing team, Yunpeng Guo, indicated that it was the persistence and the cheer-up from the audience that induced the win. He wished the team would have a bright future.
  • Changying College Books Presentation Ends Successfully

    Changying College Books Presentation whose theme is “enjoy the ocean of books, savor the pleasure of culture” was held in form of selling books in Chungying courtyard on April 18th.

    The presentation started at about 10 o’clock with leisurely music which creating a relaxed and snug atmosphere. It was rainy continually; however, the showers didn’t extinguish the enthusiasm of present students. On the contrary, the rain brought poetic sentiment to the activity. There were lots of students gathering around the books stand and picking up books they wanted thus many books just sold out as they just hit the shelves, which made some students coming late feel deep regretful.

    Besides the books selling, there were also some little games arranged to increase the interestingness of the activity. ” Stand till The End” for instance, the game was conducted with in asking-and-answering form. The final winner would obtained voucher for the ” Chungying College 7th Anniversary” books sales as award. The students came to buy books actively participated in the game and the spot once turned to simmer with excitement.

    The presentation was draw to an end on around 3 o’clock p.m. Every stand made a good sale, some books even sold out. The staffs begun to tidy books left and take down tents. After one hour’s busyness, the activity ended successfully.

    Though the courtyard resumed to empty, the pleasure of reading still haunted the students of Chungying College. Rather than kill time meaninglessly, it’d better to settler down to read a book. Every second we spend on reading would contribute to better ourselves. The students of Chungying College would be more passionate for reading through this activity, promoting the realm of thoughts.

    Books Presentation and Summer Holidays Study Tour are two main part of Chungying College brand activity ” Chun Song Xia XIng”. It’ve been held 6 times so far and it gains strong repercussion. Encouraging students to read and travel, Chungying College always continually explore in the aspects of general education and promoting students’ comprehensive skills.

  • Lecture of << My College Life>>: the Trilogy of Designing Social Investigation

    On Apr. 16th, Shun Zhang, professor from Institute of Social Sciences, gave the lecture of the trilogy of designing social investigation at Center-2 Room 3202, which is part of the general knowledge training project “My College Life” held by Chungying College.
    The Lecture started at 19 o’clock. Prof. Zhang made a self-introduction first, talking about his own experience at college that he majored in physics initially and moved into economics and finally chose sociology. He said sociology is not an obscure and abstract subject, it’s a course that matters to people’s daily life and is based on theoretical basis and rational thoughts like mathematics, physics and chemistry. The lecture content are mainly include three parts: the topic of questionnaire, the ways of questionnaire and the plan of questionnaire, which instruct how to make a good questionnaire. Prof. Zhang summarized the methods and notes of making questionnaire from different angles of question definition, question resources, question clarification and designing skills, which impressed the students a lot. He pointed that, a good questionnaire should be welcome to people and be treated seriously, thus it could offer the true data, which need the designer to use proper words and be considerate to the questions. The result of the whole survey is determined by the quality of the questionnaire data, which is basically dictated by whether the designer put his mind to the questionnaire.
    Prof. Zhang ended his lecture at 8:30 p.m. and the activity came to discussing part. The students present clamored to consult Prof. Zhang questions like ‘’ how to write investigate report?’’, ‘’ how to choose a topic with realistic meaning?’’ and ‘’ how to penetrate when investigating the touchy topics?’’ He answered all the questions with patience, indicating that there were still numerous things need them to learn from the practice and once them chose a topic they’d better persist till the end. The activity came to an end eventually at 8:45.
  • Chungying College CPC Lecture: Prof. Pan Discusses the spirits of west-moving

    On the afternoon of Apr. 4th, the very first Party Lecture of Chungying College Season 9 started at Center-2 Room 3223. The former Secretery of Party Committee, Prof. Pan Ji, gave a party lecture to active applicants of party membership on the subject of “Spirits of West Migration and History of Xi’an Jiaotong University”, which was mainly about Prof. Pan’s apperception on the spirits of west migration, witness of Xi’an Jiaotong University’s development and understandings of communism as an old party member. Additionally, Hui Xu, the Deputy Secretary of Chungying College, attended as well.
    Prof. Pan launched the whole lecture with the background of the establishment of our university, which could date back to the Republic of China era when our university went through both flourish and rough. As a member of former Jiaotong University, Prof. Pan decided to follow the migration of the university to Xi’an after graduating from Jiaotong University in 1957. The migration to Xi’an was to aid the northwestern area and satisfy the need of our country’s construction which received supports from the entire society eventually, it met a lot of obstacles at first though. Prof. Pan decorated the scene when they just migrated to Xi’an affectionately: although it was tough condition of living at that time, all the teachers and students just ignored it and put great passion into the academic esteem with the ideal of constructing the country and communism, which is the best interpretation of the spirits of west migration.
    Recalling the past days, Prof. Pan mixed his own life experience and the university’s history. He was the director of department of electrical engineering and Secretary of Party Committee of Xi’an Jiaotong University between 1985 and 1996. His fate was tightly linked with that of XJTU and out country; Moreover, he devotes all his life into the university’s education enterprise at some extent. When talking about Prof. Pan’s own life experience, his humour aroused the applause of all the audience. As far as his initial purpose of joining the party is concerned, he said he was inspired by Pavel Korchagin like his generation about his sacrifice to the country, to communism. Also, he mentioned the global situation and the Three Confidences raised by Chairman Xi: theoretical confidences, institutional confidence, method confidence, hoping that the students at present could foster lofty aspiration, not regard joining the party as a promotion of job applying but a way to realize their ideals to contribute to country’s construction.
    Prof. Pan’s lecture ended up with his wishes ” I hope you applicants of party would study hard, set up a good basis of knowledge, keep fit, manage good relationships with other students, to be a credit to XJTU and make you own contribution to national construction. The future is yours. ” after almost 2 hours’ instruction. The students at present appreciate Prof. Pan with their warm applause.
  • Chungying Lecture Series: Skills of Interpersonal Relationship

    On Apr. 2, the science department of Group Working Committee held the 2nd ( 52nd in all) Dandelion Lectures of this semester at C206. Chungying College invited Associate Prof.Yao Bin from Mental Health Educating and Consulting Center, Xi’an Jiaotong University to give our students the lecture regarding the skills of interpersonal relationships. Over a hundred students attended which made it magnificent spectacle for there were marginally any seats available.
    Prof. Yao gave the audience a question ‘’ why people contacting?’’ as the lecture started, and then he explained the students the significance of interpersonal contact on the basis of this question. He draw a conclusion that contacting human’s needs of living by illustrating from two angles and quoting the views of Carnegie. Moreover, Prof. Yao introduced some kinds of contacting obstacle, self-abased,self-complacent for instance, which Prof. Yao encouraged students to overcome optimistically. As far as promoting interpersonal attraction, Prof. Yao used Audrey Hupburn as a demonstration, saying ‘’ Does Audrey have pretty appearance, decent deportment and noble mind? You can’t be attracted by her, can you?’’ Afterwards, Prof. Yao talked about how to cultivate interpersonal skills that contain four essentials and ten practical skills which benefited the students a lot.
    At the end of the whole lecture, Prof. Yao asked the students to take a test, also known as Interpersonal Contacting Complex Assessment, to help them know about their capability of contacting. Thus they could ask teachers for help when they find themselves in trouble and gain a foothold better in the society in the future.
    Chungying College Dandelion Lectures is a public brand activity of the college’s general education. Dandelion Lectures series have been held over 50 times and attract more than 2000 people attending in the past three years, whose content involve many domains like culture, science, psychology, history etc. Not only could noble scholars be invited as guests, also the ordinary students would have such chances. Consequently, Dandelion Lectures has been ranked as the most influential activity among the colleges’ lecture projects.