Chungying College CPC Lecture: Prof. Pan Discusses the spirits of west-moving

On the afternoon of Apr. 4th, the very first Party Lecture of Chungying College Season 9 started at Center-2 Room 3223. The former Secretery of Party Committee, Prof. Pan Ji, gave a party lecture to active applicants of party membership on the subject of “Spirits of West Migration and History of Xi’an Jiaotong University”, which was mainly about Prof. Pan’s apperception on the spirits of west migration, witness of Xi’an Jiaotong University’s development and understandings of communism as an old party member. Additionally, Hui Xu, the Deputy Secretary of Chungying College, attended as well.
Prof. Pan launched the whole lecture with the background of the establishment of our university, which could date back to the Republic of China era when our university went through both flourish and rough. As a member of former Jiaotong University, Prof. Pan decided to follow the migration of the university to Xi’an after graduating from Jiaotong University in 1957. The migration to Xi’an was to aid the northwestern area and satisfy the need of our country’s construction which received supports from the entire society eventually, it met a lot of obstacles at first though. Prof. Pan decorated the scene when they just migrated to Xi’an affectionately: although it was tough condition of living at that time, all the teachers and students just ignored it and put great passion into the academic esteem with the ideal of constructing the country and communism, which is the best interpretation of the spirits of west migration.
Recalling the past days, Prof. Pan mixed his own life experience and the university’s history. He was the director of department of electrical engineering and Secretary of Party Committee of Xi’an Jiaotong University between 1985 and 1996. His fate was tightly linked with that of XJTU and out country; Moreover, he devotes all his life into the university’s education enterprise at some extent. When talking about Prof. Pan’s own life experience, his humour aroused the applause of all the audience. As far as his initial purpose of joining the party is concerned, he said he was inspired by Pavel Korchagin like his generation about his sacrifice to the country, to communism. Also, he mentioned the global situation and the Three Confidences raised by Chairman Xi: theoretical confidences, institutional confidence, method confidence, hoping that the students at present could foster lofty aspiration, not regard joining the party as a promotion of job applying but a way to realize their ideals to contribute to country’s construction.
Prof. Pan’s lecture ended up with his wishes ” I hope you applicants of party would study hard, set up a good basis of knowledge, keep fit, manage good relationships with other students, to be a credit to XJTU and make you own contribution to national construction. The future is yours. ” after almost 2 hours’ instruction. The students at present appreciate Prof. Pan with their warm applause.

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