Lecture of << My College Life>>: the Trilogy of Designing Social Investigation

On Apr. 16th, Shun Zhang, professor from Institute of Social Sciences, gave the lecture of the trilogy of designing social investigation at Center-2 Room 3202, which is part of the general knowledge training project “My College Life” held by Chungying College.
The Lecture started at 19 o’clock. Prof. Zhang made a self-introduction first, talking about his own experience at college that he majored in physics initially and moved into economics and finally chose sociology. He said sociology is not an obscure and abstract subject, it’s a course that matters to people’s daily life and is based on theoretical basis and rational thoughts like mathematics, physics and chemistry. The lecture content are mainly include three parts: the topic of questionnaire, the ways of questionnaire and the plan of questionnaire, which instruct how to make a good questionnaire. Prof. Zhang summarized the methods and notes of making questionnaire from different angles of question definition, question resources, question clarification and designing skills, which impressed the students a lot. He pointed that, a good questionnaire should be welcome to people and be treated seriously, thus it could offer the true data, which need the designer to use proper words and be considerate to the questions. The result of the whole survey is determined by the quality of the questionnaire data, which is basically dictated by whether the designer put his mind to the questionnaire.
Prof. Zhang ended his lecture at 8:30 p.m. and the activity came to discussing part. The students present clamored to consult Prof. Zhang questions like ‘’ how to write investigate report?’’, ‘’ how to choose a topic with realistic meaning?’’ and ‘’ how to penetrate when investigating the touchy topics?’’ He answered all the questions with patience, indicating that there were still numerous things need them to learn from the practice and once them chose a topic they’d better persist till the end. The activity came to an end eventually at 8:45.

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