Chungying College Conducted with Security Examination

On the last day of April, Hui Xu, the Deputy Secretary of Chungying College, Shang Chen, the college teacher, accompanied with Zhu Xiangjun, the faculty of security office, went through every buildings and checked the condition of new-installed electric water heater in the college.
During the check of the examination, it turned out that there were 57 extinguishers’ pressure meter referring to the yellow area, which indicated that the pressure inside the extinguisher was beyond the normal range, these extinguishers were under the risk of explosion and needed to be updated. Moreover, there were some other potential danger, for instance, the number of extinguishers on every floor was not qualified for the required standard, there were no copies of the key to the fire hydrant in the duty room and the contemporary watch keeper claimed that she hasn’t been told how to find the key to the exit passageway rapidly.
As far as the above problems are concerned, the college leaders and the security office faculties went for Guilian Xue, staff of Siyuan KFS, who is in charge of the stuffs of Chungying college area in time to ask them to receive new extinguishers for replacing and equip extra extinguishers on every floor of student dormitory. Additionally, they also required the watch keepers to keep the keys to all the emergency passageway in place where they could get them timely in case of emergency.
Before this, Chungying College has asked the instructors to do deeply examination to all the students dormitories’ safety and asked the students to clear out the tinder in the balcony to avoid the fire accident.
As the saying goes, “fire and water have no mercy.”. College is where students and teachers live, study and work, and a place whose population density is relatively high, thus it’s pretty important to do fire prevention work well. Through this examination, we rectify the problems exposed in that. As a result, the risk of a fire accident dramatically decreases, which assures life and property safety of students and faculties.

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