• Chungying College Held Security Examination before Labour Day

    On April 28th, All of Chungying College counselors went through all the student dorms to inspect sanitary and eliminate potential dangers.
    The sanitary situation is generally well, while few students massed the cables on their tables. The counselor told them the risk of their action, thus the students took the instruction and arranged their tables immediately.
    On April 29th, Counselor Shang Chen, who is in charge of the security issues of the college, Counselor Liu Hong, Lu Yun, Wang Feifei, Cao Kun, accompanied with Zhu Junxiang , faculty of security office, and Secretary of College CPC General Branch, Chen Xihui went through every buildings and checked the condition of new-installed electric water heater in the college.
    During the check of the examination, it turned out that there were 67 extinguishers’ pressure meter referring to the yellow area, which indicated that the pressure inside the extinguisher was beyond the normal range. These extinguishers were under the risk of explosion and needed to be updated.
    Mr. Zhu pointed that the number of extinguishers on every floor was not qualified for the required standard; The Emergency Light on 8th floor of East 3 Dorm has fallen off. Hence he would folllow the repair situation of these facilities.
    As the saying goes, “fire and water have no mercy.”. College is where students and teachers live, study and work, and a place whose population density is relatively high, thus it’s pretty important to do fire prevention work well. Through this examination, we rectify the problems exposed in that. As a result, the risk of a fire accident dramatically decreases, which assures life and property safety of students and faculties.