10304featureXi’an Jiaotong University ChungYing College was founded in July 2008, which acquired great support from renowned philanthropist, chairman of Tang’s Industrial Group and Cyrus Tang Foundation. Thus we named our college after Mr.Tang, and the executive director Mrs.Xu Xiaochun was, reasonably, take the position of the college dean. ChungYing College, located east on Kangqiao Centre in Xingqing Campus, is made up of 4 8-floor-high apartments which connect each other to form a fracture of chinese character Hui(回). Inside our college we have public facilities available to all of students like Reading Room, Information Room, Communication Room, Rehearsal Room, Gym etc.

Chungying College has constantly strived to cultivate students into “alents with modesty and responsibility” by incorporating unique cultural elements and teamwork activities. It primarily seeks to promote campus culture, to develop the students ability of self—management, to establish an affectionate and caring environment, and to perfect students’ personality.

At present, our college currently owns around 3,050 students in total, whose majors involve over 14 containing Automation Science and Technology, Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Chemistry Engineering and Technology, Process Units and Control Engineering, Environment Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, National Base Class of Life Science and Technology, CPA, Industrial Engineering, ACCA, Software Engineering and Tsien Hsue-shen Experimental Class etc.

Our college employ 15 full-time teachers, and select a team of directors made up of visiting professors, academic tutors and general knowledge tutors, together with whom fellow group consisted of higher grades students.

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