• Chungying College held Books Reading Day

    Chungying Books Reading Day was held in the form of selling books in Chungying courtyard on April 22nd.
    The presentation started at about 10 o’clock with leisurely music which created a relaxed and snug atmosphere. It was rainy continually; however, the showers didn’t extinguish the enthusiasm of present students. On the contrary, the rain brought poetic sentiment to the activity. There were lots of students gathering around the books stand and picking up books they wanted thus many books just sold out as they just hit the shelves, which made some students coming late feel deep regretful.
    Besides the books selling, there were also some little games arranged to increase the interestingness of the activity. “ Stand till The End” for instance, the game was conducted with in asking-and-answering form. The final winner would obtained voucher for the “ Chungying College 7th Anniversary” books sales as award. The students came to buy books actively participated in the game and the spot once turned to simmer with excitement.
    The presentation drew to an end on around 3 o’clock p.m. Every stand made a good sale, some books even sold out. The staffs begun to tidy books left and take down tents. After one hour’s busyness, the activity ended successfully.
    Though the courtyard resumed to empty, the pleasure of reading still haunted the students of Chungying College. Rather than kill time meaninglessly, it’d better to settler down to read a book. Every second we spend on reading would contribute to better ourselves. The students of Chungying College would be more passionate for reading through this activity, promoting the realm of thoughts.
    Books Presentation and Summer Holidays Study Tour are two main parts of Chungying College brand activity “ Chun Song Xia XIng”. It’ve been held 6 times so far and it gains strong repercussion. Encouraging students to read and travel, Chungying College would continually explore in the aspects of general education and promoting students’ comprehensive skills.
  • XJTU 55th Sports Meeting was held successfully

    On the morning of Apr. 12nd, accompanied with the march played by the marching band, Hiensens XJTU 55th Sports Meeting launched ceremoniously.
    After 2 days’ fierce competition, the meeting came to an end on the afternoon of Apr. 13rd. Chungying College was awarded the Morality Prize and finally ranked as the 5th position on the total score sheet.
    Among them, our male athlete won the 6th positon out of all the male teams and female athlete won the 7th position. Besides, Chungying College team of calisthenics to the radio music got 95.90 points in the match and took the fifth position.
    Moreover, Jingwen Fan, a senior student from Environment Engineering School, won a sliver medal in women’s discus throw. Chungying College Rowing Team made the first position in the rowing machine game at the time finishing in 31’06”2
    Facing to the interviewer, the captain of rowing team, Yunpeng Guo, indicated that it was the persistence and the cheer-up from the audience that induced the win. He wished the team would have a bright future.