• Freshman Orientation Carried Out Smoothly

    Different from last year’s burning hot, the whole campus is in the cool of air in August of this year, where ChungYing College’s welcoming orientation officially launched.

    On the morning of 18th, School of Life Science Dean Liu Jiankang, Secretary of the Party Committee Liu Ru, Vice Secretary Li Jianjun, Deputy Dean Xu Feng, School of Energy Power Engineering Vice Secretary of Party Committee Wei Na, accompanied with 9 Class Head Teachers, Vice Director of Military Office Wen Hongbin, Staff of Students Affairs Office Gu Rong, ChungYing College Deputy Director Xu Hui and counsellors of freshmen visited freshmen’s dormitory. During their visit, they thoroughly examined the condition of dorm rooms, ensuring normal use of dormitory facilities.

    According to Dormitory Name List, teachers above checked each dormitory, especially paying attention to the working situation of the lights and fans. For the problems discovered, the teachers correspondingly made records and reported timely for subsequent repair. So that the freshmen would be with great satisfaction to their living conditions.

    Compared with last year, ChungYing College Freshmen Orientation received more warmth this year.  The welcoming volunteers offered Freshmen Service Station and Parents Rest Area in order to freshmen and their parents delightful experience. Wang Wenjia, Chief of ChungYing Society Of Mentors, said:”  ChungYing Society Of Mentors specially carried out training campus activities which cultivated members’ teamwork and the ability to bear hardships and stand hard work in advance to ensure that each member would participate in the Welcoming Orientation in the best status, and do a good job in the new school year.” Also, Student Union conducted their member training activities on the evening of the 18th to achieve the same aim.

    ChungYing College Dean Xu Hui answered questions about university life at the scene of the orientation, she said: “I hope students can adapt to college life as soon as possible, set their own goals, and reasonably plan their own university life.”

    Online orientation is one of the highlights of this year’s college orientation. Every freshmen could get college guide book through ChongYing College WeChat Official Platform. Particularly, freshmen could also access service of “Real-time Line Up Number” and  “Online Consultation” on the platform.

    Caring online and offline service provided great convenience to our freshmen, the volunteers also left positive impression to them. Wu Yuchen, freshman from Management School, gave us her opinion:” The digital welcome is very convenient and it looks fresh to us. I would like to applaud college’s Wechat Platform, which offered practical functions and service to me. Through that I saved a lot of time during the process of whole registration.”