College Held 2017 Class Freshmen-Parents Meeting

On the 20th, ChungYing College held 2017 class Freshmen and Parents Meeting in the Hin-chi Hall. Chen Hong, Party Secretary of School of Management, Xu Feng, Vice Dean of School of Life Science, Professor Xin Jingmin, Deputy Director of Automation Department, and all counselors of ChungYing College participated in this meeting.

During the conference, Director Xu Hui talked about college’s function and the relationship between school and college. While the other teachers made detailed instructions on the situation of graduation, employment, studying aboard from the past years. The teachers also sent their wish that all the freshmen could be adapted in the college life as soon as possible to the audience present, so that they would be able to make a proper plan of four years’ college life.

After that, teachers from schools briefly introduced the development of related majors and encouraged everyone to study hard to take the first step correctly in the university.

“Cultivate First-class Scholar, Achieve First-class College” is the new slogan of ChungYing College. The College constantly innovate its work mode in the freshmen orientation, which aims to make every single freshman and his/her parents feel the cordiality and vitality of ChungYing College, of Xi’an Jiaotong University. At the same time, ChungYing College also hopes the freshmen of 2017 will adapt to the university life as soon as possible and start a career in the college.

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