ChungYing College Hold Summer Social Practice Defense

On the noon of September 7,ChungYing College teachers Zhang Yan, Xu Long, ministers and members from ChungYing College Group Woking Committee, Student Union YingZai Lover participated in the defense of college summer social practice activies to get acquainted with volunteer teams’ achievements and to share their own experience.

This are 13 teams made their defense in total. These teams went to Yushu, Xingping, Tengzhai, Yulin and Shidian in summer vacation. Adhering to the spirits of “help each other, help others, selfless dedication, and thanked”, these volunteers conducted the curriculum teaching, community research, questionnaire survey, which gave them thorough knowledge about the local situation like household income and enrollment gender ratio.

What’s more significant is these volunteer teams broke the traditional teaching mode and made great innovation. For example, during their volunteering activities they launched root-seek activity, books sharing activity, exercise games meeting and botanical illustration exposition, etc. These innovations can not only improve the local left-behind students’ physical quality, at the same time also help them to enhance the sense of belonging, expand horizons and enrich knowledge.

Students with good family conditions may not be able to understand the heavy family burden children in country hope schools carried. Commonly, a young man struggling for his life far away from home, only to ensure his offspring to be able to build a house and to pay for a wedding. For them, study can only be a luxury under the pressure of survival. “The meaning of our volunteer teaching is to let all the children understand that life is not just about the livelihood in front of us, but also about the dreams and the experience,” said Wang Dongyu, student from class EE69.

The volunteer summer practice of this year has won high praise from schools, local and the public. Domestic newspapers and portals reported our activities many times, which arouse heated social attention and discussion.

The success conclusion of the summer social practice reveals the spiritual outlook of our college student volunteers, carry forward the volunteer spirits. Let us make society service as our habit to make our society more harmonious and beautiful!

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