• Social Practice of “Chun Song Xia Xing”

    %e5%9b%be%e7%89%87-3Social practice activity of  “Chun Song Xia Xing” is an excellent activity of the Four Seasons Special Activities in our college. Since its first held last year, the activity has played a positive role in enhancing students’ cognitive and practical abilities, broadening their
    horizons, and enhancing their interpersonal skills, thus it enjoys a high level of popularity %e5%9b%be%e7%89%87-1
    and praise. In order to help students to better understand the society, adapt to it and serve
    it, to improve their qualities, to enhance their sense of team, our college will hold the 2011 “ChunSongXiaXing”—“Love’s on the road, know-bound trip” activity during this summer
    vocation. Activity Object: all of the students in our college. Cross-grade, cross-major and cross-college teams are allowable, and the teams can also be the associations of community or friends.%e5%9b%be%e7%89%87-2 %e5%9b%be%e7%89%87-4