• College Student’s Congress (CSC)

    ChungYing College Student’s Congress (CSC) of Xi’an Jiaotong University was founded in June, 2009. Up to now, it consists of eighty-two official representatives including sixty-five male members and seventeen female members (three of which are minorities) who represent all the ChunYing College students from four grades and thirteen majors. For all ChungYing College students, CSCC is a basic form to conduct democratic rights and participate in the college management under the leadership of General Party Branch and Group Working Committee of college. Meanwhile, It is an important access to broaden the connect between college and students. CCSC owns Student Committee of ChungYing College as the permanent institute.

    CCSC’s essential missions cover building self-management system, giving scope for the main role of students, and promoting the leadership of the youth.

    The main duties of CCSC are as follows:

    *Debrief the work statement from the College, the Student union and the Student Committee;

    *Participate in the discussion and vote on important issues involved students’ benefit;

    *Elect the standing committee of next Student’s Congress and the presidium of next Student union;

    *Collect and reflect suggestions from students in cooperation with the College , and review and approve big issues.

    Since the establishment, CCSC has elected the Second, the Third, the Fourth, and the Fifth presidium of ChungYing College Student union by vote, and the members of Second Student Committee under the correct guidance of college leaders. Meanwhile, during the Intercessional period of CCSC, Students Committee conducts researches and sends feedback to college on evaluation system of dormitory hygiene, assessment system of scholarships, the willing of living together with other majors’ students etc.