• College Student Union (CSU)

    ChungYing College Student Union(CSU) was founded in 2008. It has been an inevitable part in the big family where around 3000 students, the nickname of ChungYing’s student are included. Based on the principle that bear in mind what students think, speak out aloud what students talk, do indeed what students need, and for the purpose that serve students heart and soul, her work carry forward our cause and forge ahead into the future. Keeping to the points that preserve students’ rights with commitment, supplement culture with entertainment, and beautify life with service, she strive to creat a cultural atmosphere to diversify the college life, aiming at constructing a development way of CCSU with ChungYing College characteristics.

    Currently, CCSU is divided into six departments in terms of different functions: The Office, Personnel Resources Department, Publicity Department, Culture Sector, The Foreign Affairs Department and Student Services.

    *The office

    The office is the chief housekeeper of CCSU acting as a bond to hand in a ducument to the higher authority and pass it down to the lower organization. It is mainly responsible for the internal management of CCSU such as the regular meeting observation, information collection, financial reimbursement, materials management and environment beautification. Also some internal events like cadres appointed assembly and social gathering are included.

    *Personnel Resources Department

    Personnel Resources Department is the cradle of training talents, and the distributing center and transfer station for talents. It is the motivation of reform and development and the guarantee of efficient execution as well. It is mainly responsible for new recruit of CCSU, training and appraising personnel, formulating personnel management system, managing personnel dossier, and assisting  the Presidium to organize the personnels and divide the work. It is applied to cultivate talents and establish a complete personnel management system following its slogan, based on individuals and seek hard to search for potential  talents, rooted in team work and fly high to fight for your dreams.

    *Publicity Department

    Publicity Department is a stage to show to the outside whose functions involves   displaying the main activities of CCSU, photographing important events and cultivating officers with a specialty on composition, typesetting, photography, network technology or handwriting.

    *Culture Sector

    Culture Sector is the responsible department for various activities. It coordinate with other departments to finish tasks and plot colorful cultural activities.

    *The Foreign Affairs Department

    The Foreign Affairs Department undertake the external exchange mission. Its main work includes enhancing the internal connection in CCSU, setting up the bridge of cooperation between CCSU and other student organizations, communicating with the business in and around school to seek sponsorship.

    *Student Services

    Student Services is a comprehensive department combining studying, living, volunteer serving. It provides the most intimate services about every detail to make life better.